The Balance Between Healthy Meats And Fresh Food

The Balance Between Healthy Meats And Fresh Food

Most experts of today are advising that it is the best to find a balance between healthy meats and fresh food like fruit and vegetables. This also includes grains and small amounts of unsaturated fat in your every day diet. Depending on your preferences, whether you are a vegetarian or vegan or maybe have a health condition that may require dietary restrictions, you do not have to stop eating meat or veggies in order to stay healthy. There is something that is called a food pyramid. It is like a visual representation of how different foods that fall into various categories fit in a diet that is healthy. The base of the pyramid is comprised of foods that you can or should consume more often and in larger quantities. The foods that you should limit are more to the top of the pyramid.

Both meat and fresh food are in the pyramidBoth meat and fresh food are in the pyramid. Meats are placed higher of course. If your diet favors veggies and fruit over meat, you will not go wrong with it. Limiting your meat consumption can do miracles for you. Both meat and fresh food are crucial when it comes to nutrition. Your body needs amino acids in order to maintain a healthy immune system or prevent loss of body mass. Meat is more than an abundant source of complete protein that is high in amino acids. Lean red meats, poultry, and fish are the best and the healthiest sources of protein. Your perfect healthy diet should include at least five servings of vegetables each and every single day. It is very important to stick to eating fruit and veggies because they have numerous health benefits. They can lower the risk of any heart problems, preserve good vision, reduce the risk for certain types of cancer and maintain gastrointestinal health.

Servings and Portions

When you know what you should eat the most every day, there is one more thing that is really important in order to see some results of your healthy diet. Knowing recommended serving sizes is literally half of the job done. You can eat healthy food but if you eat it too much, it is still not good for you. Maybe you will not get ill but you’ll become obese and that is a condition that needs treatment. To avoid unnecessary problems, you can always pay attention to the recommended serving sizes of both healthy meats and fruit and veggies. Servings and PortionsThese serving sizes are usually defined in various ways but the most common one would be by measurements like ounces or teaspoons while portions represent your daily intake of certain food. 200 or 250 grams of meat and almost the same amount of vegetables makes a perfect meal. Always pay attention to this and remember, it is better to eat twice than to overstuff yourself. You will do yourself a huge favor is you start paying attention to details like this. Eat healthy and enjoy yourself.

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