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Why eating fresh food is much healthier?

By John Murray / February 5, 2018

Fruit and vegetable are something you need to eat every day. There is a believing that the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat it fresh. The vegetable and fruit contain fiber that is excellent for your digestion. Having healthy stomach is essential to keep your body heath. There are a lot of people […]


Why are green vegetables so important?

By John Murray / January 15, 2018

„Don’t forget about the broccoli!“ How many times have we all heard this when we were kids… Our parents made us eat all the green stuff we did not really like, like peas, kale, green beans, brussel sprouts and so on. And no, did not have a discount from the vendor. They just understood the […]


The easiest way to eat and store your food and keep it fresh

By John Murray / December 7, 2017

Eating fresh food is very important. However, sometimes it is very difficult to keep it fresh, especially during summer times and especially when it comes to fruit. Fresh food is very useful for your metabolism because it has fiber, excellent ingredient to accelerate your digestion. The fruit has useful sugar that your body can absorb. […]


Mixing fruits and vegetables

By John Murray / November 17, 2017

We hear more and more how it is completely wrong to eat fruit and vegetables at the same time or mix them. Whether you are mixing up juice or making a salad, you should avoid combining fruits and vegies. But is it true? Should we run away from this combination? We believe that it is […]