The easiest way to eat and store your food and keep it fresh

By John Murray / December 7, 2017
eat and store your food and keep it fresh

Eating fresh food is very important. However, sometimes it is very difficult to keep it fresh, especially during summer times and especially when it comes to fruit. Fresh food is very useful for your metabolism because it has fiber, excellent ingredient to accelerate your digestion. The fruit has useful sugar that your body can absorb. That is the main difference between natural sugar and industrial one. On the other hand, fruit is full of vitamins. If you are looking for proteins, you can find it in a lot of vegetables such as chickpeas and avocado. A lot of people use it in diets or as a supplement to their nurture. Others, for example, vegans use them as a replacement for meat.

What is the easiest way to store your fruit?

store your fruitMost people chose to keep it in a fridge. It is not recommended. Basement is always a better option. If you have one, keep your fruit in the basement. Why is that so? Well, first of all, the temperature in the basement is more close to regular and the average temperature. It is not normal to keep tropical food on just 10˚C; it is not natural at all. Basement has a more moderate atmosphere, and you should use it. It is practical especially during summer days to store your watermelon or melon.

Is there any way to keep your food in a better way?

Believe it or not there is. You can put it in vacuum space, and you will see how long you can keep it fresh. Some people use cellophane to prevent your food from coming in touch with oxygen, other keep them in special jars. In both ways, your food will remain fresh for a longer period than usual. Eventually, you can keep it in a fridge, even it if it is the healthiest way. Here you can store vegetables, but make sure that your fridge is not cooling too much. It is not natural to keep your vegetables in such a cold place.

Eat only veggies and fruit in season

The best way to eat healthy and fresh food is to eat only the one in a season. We are a little bit spoiled in these modern time, and it seems like we want to eat only a far distant food and at the period when they are not available. It is just a bad habit, and if you want to make your situation less complicated, then you should start eating only food in season. You will always eat fresh food in this case. On the other hand, you will make things simpler; you won’t have to worry where to store it because you will already store it in your tummy. In the end, you will save yourself a lot of money, because food it cheaper when it is in season. You should think about this next time when you decide to go shopping.

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