Foods for a longer life

Foods for a longer life

There is no question about: science proved that eating certain foods will certainly prolong your life and keep you healthy. But most of us, when we come to a certain age, stop eating some foods we used to eat regularly. Many people just do not feel like eating kale or brussel sprouts anymore. They hate the cooking procedure, maybe, or they simply do not understand the importance of a healthy diet. Whatever the reason is, a healthy diet does not have to taste bad, as most of us would believe.

Also, many people have the habit of eating foods they don’t like so that they can go wild for the weekend and then wreak havoc in the local McDonalds. That is why many nutritionists recommend to find the healthy foods we like and then stick with them. This way you enjoy what you eat, and you eat healthy foods. And, of course, you have to eat in desired quantities (around 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day) and form a good all-round diet rich with a variety of nutrients.

Build a better cardiovascular system

healthy weight healthy lifeA great part of the American population suffers from cardiovascular diseases. This serious health problem has a lot to do with your weight, and we know that a lot of Americans are overweight, if not obese. In fact, more than a third of people over 65 are obese. It is a major health hazard, leading to diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

The best foods to keep your heart running smoothly and to keep an on-point cardiovascular system are the ones who keep cholesterol and blood pressure down. For example, these include vegetables and fruits (and a good amount of them), whole grains, low-fat dairy products (cheese and yogurt), fish in abundance, poultry (skin removed) and olive oil. Furthermore, try to incorporate omega three rich fish like salmon and trout into your diet. They significantly lower the risk of heart disease. The key component found in vegies and fruits which help your heart are fiber and minerals.

Keep your nervous system running

Many experts consider vitamin B12 to play an important role in your nervous system, especially when it comes to memory loss. The best foods you can consider sources of B12 are meats, fish and milk products. Alzheimer’s is most commonly associated with the intake of foods such as white bread, read meat and french fries. There are no specific answers to do question which foods should you eat for a healthy brain, but most experts confirm that it should be antioxidant-rich foods. These include vegetables like spinach and kale and tomatoes, nuts (especially walnuts) and blueberries. Furthermore, omega 3-rich fish (salmon, trout, herring) have excellent anti-inflammation properties, which certainly helps to keep your nervous system functioning properly.

The key strategy for a healthy body and a long life is to eat moderately, diversify your foods and try to eat as much of vegetables and fruits possible.

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