Fresh Food Is The Food For Your Health

By John Murray / April 5, 2017
Fresh Food Is The Food For Your Health

There is a saying that the tastiest and the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. People actually avoid eating raw produce but, that is completely and entirely wrong. Fruit and vegetables are tasty and healthy but there is much more to fresh food than only that. A human body needs certain things in order to function properly. It needs vitamins and minerals, various fats and water, amino acids, proteins and a lot more. This is what makes you feel energetic and healthy and strong. Fruit and vegetables are full of fiber. Fiber improves your digestion. Heaving a healthy stomach is crucial to your health in so many ways that you are not even aware of. Also, both are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

All of these can prevent various diseases, problems, conditions and so on. Eating a lot of fresh food will help you to maintain your vision, protect you against stroke or heart problems, type two diabetes, even some types of cancers. It is best to choose the variety of colors and types of fruit and veggies. The colors are usually closely related to various nutrients. There is a misconception that frozen or canned vegetables and fruit are not good for your health. Just read the nutrition information and if you see any added salts or sugars, avoid it.

Buy fresh food in season

Both fruit and vegetables in season are cheaper and fresher. Buying something off the season usually means that it was grown under suspicious conditions and you do not want to take that risk. Instead, follow the seasons and eat seasonal fruit and vegetables. Fresh and raw food is always better so you can not go wrong with it.

Buy fresh food in seasonIt is very important to know how much you can eat per one day. Even if you eat only healthy foods, eating too much can cause many problems and conditions like obesity and overweight. The most recommended would be to eat two fruit servings and five vegetable servings every single day.

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