Fresh Food – Healthy Meats

By John Murray / May 10, 2017
Fresh Food – Healthy Meats

Many people of today think that they will live healthier and longer if they cut out the meat of their everyday diet. Part of it is true but, that is not the solution to losing weight and living healthier. The excessive consumption of red meat does increase the risk of premature death, certain forms of cancer and heart problems. If livestock is raised in the polluting, hormone and antibiotic driven factory farms, it only contributes to the ever increasing problem of antibiotic resistant diseases. This does not mean that you should not eat meat ever again, no. That is why we will introduce you to some benefits of eating meat.

Benefits of eating healthy meats

There are six meats that are classified as being healthy and good for your health. Remember, always eat meat in average amounts, it is much healthier that way. Healthy red meat is full of amino and the fatty acids. Amino acids are good for muscle building and the fatty acids help with your brain mass. If you did not know, your brain is over 60% fat.  Also, this meat is rich in omega 6 fatty acids which are more than good for your overall health, especially if you have a Parkinson’s disease or any other form of cognitive decline.

Grass fed beef is good for you because of vitamin E. Grass fed beef is good for you because of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant and it successfully fights off any free radicals that can come from aging. It is also good for your immune system. Since this meat is high in protein, it is also leaner. It is also rich in good fat.

Fish, raw or sustainable canned, is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids. Whether it is salmon or sardines, you will get your share of these healthy fatty acids. Salmon is known as the cleanest and most well managed fish on the planet and just like sardines, it is abnormally healthy for you.

Organic chicken is full of protein. Some of the highest levels of protein are found in chicken. That is exactly why this meat is more than good for fighting obesity, heart disease or diabetes.

Wild boar meat is rich in vitamin B, especially niacin. It lowers bad cholesterol while boosting the good. It is also rich in thiamin and B6 which are great for boosting your energy levels. And additionally, wild boar meat is rich in zinc as well, well known for doing miracles for your immune system.

Turkey is full of selenium, a great source of healthy protein that is good for boosting your immune system to fight against any infections. Selenium has the ability to bind with the heavy and toxic metals like arsenic or mercury and it protects your heart muscles from any potential damage. Like chicken, turkey meat is less likely to harbor drug resistant bacteria.

If you regularly eat these types of meat, you are less likely to have any problems. Mix them with veggies and enjoy.
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