Why Fresh Food Is So Important

By John Murray / April 19, 2017
Why Fresh Food Is So Important

Fresh food is the best for us. What does this mean actually? It means that you get to taste food that is free of any ingredients or chemicals that are potentially harmful to your organism. There is a saying that you are what you eat. Eating healthy and fresh food means to live healthy and sustainable. Fresh food contains no additives or any kind of chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. It is completely naturally grown with one purpose, to give you nutrients that you need in order to survive. Fresh food also tastes much better than anything grown with any chemicals. Have you ever wondered why food from the countryside tastes much better than food in big cities? Because it is fresh. It is grown through natural processes and it is completely natural and healthy.

Eliminate processed food from your diet

If you eliminate processed food from your everyday diet, you will reawaken your taste buds for sure. It will take just about two weeks or maybe three, but you will start noticing the difference absolutely. Eating just seasoned fresh flavorful food will make you feel that juicy fresh taste right at the tip of your tongue. Eliminate processed food from your dietGood flavor and nutrition alone should be enough to convince you that fresh food is more than just good for you. The best part about fresh food is that you do not need much to prepare or cook it, just the simplest ingredients like salt, pepper, garlic and fresh herbs or vinegar. It will enhance their natural flavor and make it tastier.

Why Fresh Food Is So ImportantIt is true that fresh food is all about flavor. It is also about health as well. There is something about tasting the fresh food right from the garden. It is even better if you grew it yourself. Since fresh food is all natural, that means that all the good and healthy stuff in it is still there, untouched by any chemicals. So, by eating fresh food, you are renewing your daily intake of vitamins and minerals and all other healthy compounds that your body needs in order to function properly. Eating healthy means that you are lowering the risk of any diseases too. Some fresh foods have the ingredients in them that can prevent heart problems and various types of cancer. It is true that fresh produce has a shorter shelf life and you have to eat it right away before it turns. At least, it’s not full of hormones and pesticides like mass produced foods.

Hormones are used to stimulate the growth of vegetables and fruit, even livestock, This is related directly to the creation of the antibiotic resistant bacteria that makes humans ill after the consumption of those enhanced foods as well as a lot of other problems. Chemicals are very dangerous and should be avoided at any situations. That is why it is always better to grow your fresh food in your own garden and enjoy the best flavor there is.

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