Why are green vegetables so important?

By John Murray / January 15, 2018
green vegetables

„Don’t forget about the broccoli!“ How many times have we all heard this when we were kids… Our parents made us eat all the green stuff we did not really like, like peas, kale, green beans, brussel sprouts and so on. And no, did not have a discount from the vendor. They just understood the nutritional value of green vegetables, something we did not want to at that age. Burgers and fries tasted so much better.

Keep reading to find out why green vegetables need to be on our tables practically every day, what kind of nutrients they contain and what health benefits can you expect. We prepared ten reasons, and the list follows.


green foodAnemic people should take in a lot of green stuff, especially spinach. Iron is the key component of hemoglobin, a crucial molecule which is responsible for oxygen transfer in our bodies. Also, low iron content (anemia) leads to hair loss.


Listen up, future moms. Literature about pregnancy is full of advice like these, so we believe that most of the pregnant population already knows about it. Still, it is valuable to mention that the minerals and vitamins in green vegetables are extremely important for the mother and the baby. They help to regulate blood pressure and prevent diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Keep your plate colorful, this way you keep your body healthy. And make sure that green is present in sufficient quantities. Green vegies help you hide your age; you could almost say that the freshness you put on your plate reflects on your skin, making you look younger. So, lay down all those aggressive surgical methods and chemical remedies: eat up all the green you can!


Free radicals are substances which have a detrimental effect on our cells. They cause aging, but on a cellular level, damaging the cell structure and causing metabolic problems which lead to aging of the whole organism. Antioxidants are the worst enemy of free radicals. They keep free radicals away, prolong cell life and have a very positive overall effect on the body. And green vegetables are abundant with antioxidants.

Weight loss

Of course, you should not base your weight loss program exclusively on green vegetables, but they can be one of the cornerstones of your diet strategy. They contain practically zero fat, they are very low in carbohydrates and packed up with good stuff like vitamins and minerals. Enough with the processed food, pills and synthetic meals, just assemble a colorful team in your plate, and you are good to go. Just make sure green prevails.

Strong bones

Vitamin K is one of the best substances which adds strength to your teeth and bones because it influences the production of osteocalcin, an important molecule. Also, women who wish to prevent osteoporosis should watch out for vitamin K intake. And green vegetables have plenty of this vitamin.


Finally, green vegies are an excellent source of magnesium, a very important mineral responsible for a lot of metabolic processes. Low levels of magnesium can lead to ADHD, asthma, muscle cramps and many other problems.

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