Healthy Meats – The Proteins

By John Murray / June 16, 2017
Healthy Meats – The Proteins

Eating meat can improve your overall health a lot. If you want to avoid nutrient deficiencies, keep your overall health optimal and maintain high energy, you need to eat meat.  Wild game, beef, chicken, and fish offer a very specific array of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. It is very important to eat a wide variety of healthy meats. That way you are ensuring that you remain healthy for a very long period of time. And if you are working out, meat is literally mandatory. That is why we decided to make a list of the most important healthy meats that you can eat without any fear of disease.

Various Healthy Meats

Chicken comes to number one when it comes to healthy meats. It is low in fat and high in protein. Chicken breasts or white meat is low in calories and it goes really well with fruit and vegetables.

Fish has great texture and taste and is perfect for grilling. Rich in proteins and amino acids as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, fish can do miracles for your health and the Internet is swarming with delicious recipes.

Various Healthy MeatsPork is commonly addressed as the most unhealthy meat but that is not entirely true. Pork tenderloin is considered to be a lean red meat, very rich in protein. Feel free to have it once a week but not more.

Just like chicken, lean ground turkey is full of selenium. This high quality meat is literally stuffed with protein and it goes extremely well with veggies. The same goes for turkey breasts.

Eye round steaks are splendidly low in fat and rich in protein. Besides being extremely delicious, these are the leanest beef cuts that you can find.

Scallops are absolutely great for muscle building because of how rich they are in protein. These low fat clams can be cooked in less than two minutes so enjoy.

Just like scallops, shrimp are an abundant source of proteins and tasty as well.

Tilapia is really tasty and very low in fat

Tuna fish is low in fat as it is non oily fish and it is immensely rich in proteins. Ground beef is not too fatty and it is rich in creatine and iron. It will give you a lot of energy. Coming from flatfish family, halibut is loaded with selenium, protein, omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

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