The Mystery Of Healthy Meats

By John Murray / June 16, 2017
Nutrients Contained In Healthy Meats

There is a bad reputation that follows meat all over the world. Some people say that it’s bad for your health and the other say that it causes various problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even cancer. Some of this is true. Eating excessive amounts of meat is surely not good for your health. Also, a type of meat is very important because not all meat is healthy. Meat is important for you because it is the best source of proteins. All over the world, experts will tell you how it is best to eat white skinless poultry meat or fish. There is some truth in it but, you will not go wrong if you eat pork or beef. Just be moderate about it. And always remember, the bigger the variety of food on your plate, the better your health will be.

The types of healthy meats

Lean meat is good meat. With that in mind, poultry, the white meat, in particular, is leaner it can get. Turkey and chicken are both low in fat and rich in protein. This meat is so healthy for you that you can eat it every day in unlimited amounts.

Red meats are the most notorious ones, along with pork. But, not all types of red meats are bad. Red meat like beef is full of zinc and iron and proteins as well.

Fish is low in calories, high in protein and low in fat too. Oily fish are richer in fat but that fat is healthy actually.  Non oily and oily fish go best in a combination. So two to four servings per one week and you are good to go. Canned tuna and salmon are the best examples of both.

The types of healthy meatsOf course, if you fry meat, no matter how healthy it is, you will make it unhealthy and that is why it is always best to grill it or cook it rather than fry it. Trim excess fat whenever you get the chance and most importantly, always make sure to avoid processed meat like burgers, various delicates like salami or red sausages with low meat content. Livestock that has been grown in natural conditions and on farms is the best source of healthy meats. Mass production is using various chemicals and hormones in order to boost their production but that is what makes their meat low quality.

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