Nutrients Contained In Healthy Meats

By John Murray / May 25, 2017
The most important nutrients

It is scientifically proven that humans have a digestive system that is equipped for digesting proteins, fats and other nutrients that we can get from animals. Our digestive system does not have the full capability to digest cellulose, the main plant fiber. So, the only logical solution is to eat both plants and meat. Vegetables and fruit are good for you and so is meat. Limiting the consumption will only bring good things to you. Unprocessed, high quality meat is rich in many necessary nutrients that you need on a daily basis. Not only you, but your body needs it. There are a lot of vitamins in meat. Niacin, iron, zinc, B12. B3, minerals, selenium, all these healthy substances will improve your overall health. Now, B 12 vitamin is immensely important for you and you can not get it from eating only plants.

The most important nutrients

Meat is full of healthy fats. Also, omega 3 fatty acids too and the list goes on. Some of those nutrients can not be found in plants. Creatine, for example, the main source of energy can not be gotten from plants. It is what forms the energy reserves in your brain and muscles. Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant. It provides protections against various diseases and degenerative problems and it can only be found in animal foods. DHA and EPA are the most active forms of omega 3 that are primarily found only in animal foods. Some plants are also containing omega 3, or one form of it called ALA but, our body can not convert it into an active form which makes it useless in that form.

Now, it is true that over excessive consumption of meat can cause some problems and diseases. That is because the meat is rich in saturated fat as well. However, if you limit your consumption and you eat a wide variety of meat like chicken, turkey, fish, ground fed beef and so on, you are avoiding the risk of any problems what so ever. Fish, in particular, is considered to be the healthiest meat in the world, especially sardines and salmon. You can also avoid any risks if you avoid processed meat. Mass production is using all kinds of chemicals to cope with the fast lane of their sales. This is lowering the quality of their meat. That is why unprocessed meat is healthy meat.

Nutrients Contained In Healthy MeatsNow, we already mentioned that meat is rich in proteins which are basically strings of amino acids that are linked together and folded into various shapes. Meat contains all of the 9 amino acids that our body needs. Proteins are not important only for your muscles but for your bone health as well. They increase the bone density, avoiding any problems in old age. And in the end, there are no proven health benefits to not eating meat. Basically, you do not need to eat meat every day to remain healthy but you can so feel free.

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