The Rainbow Of Fresh Food

By John Murray / April 12, 2017
The Rainbow Of Fresh Food

It is a known fact that diet and health are very closely related. That is why the fact is that a diet that is rich in both vegetables and fruit is simply good for you. Fresh food like fruit and vegetables or raw produce, contains the most of the healthy ingredients that our body needs. Frozen and canned food is good too unless it contains any added salts or sugars. Eating a lot of fresh food can help you to fight the signs of aging as well as many other problems and conditions. Due to the healthy content that is found in fresh food, eating fruit and vegetables can help you to stay healthier much longer. There are even some studies that show how vegetables are more important than fruit even though, both are recommended in limited amounts.

The Rainbow Of Fresh FoodNow, it is important to realize the how valuable to your health eating of fresh food is. The importance of fiber is really crucial to all humans but what matters also is the color. The color of some fresh food may suggest what it is rich in, so the pigments do matter. The bigger the variety of fresh food you eat, the better your health will be. Even though many studies suggest that it is always better to eat fruit and vegetables raw and fresh, you can also cook them in soups and stews. The only thing that matters is not to overcook your veggies because of nutrients. Avoid fruit juices because they’re nothing but sugar overall and too much sugar is not good for your health, teeth especially. Tomatoes are considered to be fruit but they are a rich source of B vitamins, fiber and minerals so you are welcome to eat tomatoes at all times.

It is important to eat the rainbow of fresh food that is extremely and immensely rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Red is for lycopene, orange is for beta-carotene, yellow is for carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, green is for chlorophyll and purple is for anthocyanins, well known anti agers.
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