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By John Murray / December 26, 2017
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It may sound completely bonkers, but certain vegies are sometimes not so good for you. Ever since we were little kids, mom and dad always pushed us to eat all of our vegetables. Today we know that some vegies are a little better than others and that certain types of produce carry certain health risks. Of course, this does not mean that you should completely forget about these products. We simply want to inform you that you should be careful when buying and eating certain vegies. Keep reading to find out which.


PotatoThe plant that saved the Irish might not be such a great choice. Especially when you have good alternatives.Potatoes are mostly about starch, and many people consider them to have low nutritional value. Other than that, potatoes are a vegetable which usually contains the highest levels of pesticides. Furthermore, certain types of potatoes have high quantities of dangerous alkaloids.


American staple food, corn is grilled, baked, cooked, processed, popped, scooped and turned into cereal. It is one of the plants which you can find in just about every home in dozens of shapes. But, when you look into it a little deeper, you can find some disturbing facts. Corn is seriously genetically modified. In fact, it is one of the plant species which suffered the widest range of genetic modification. By eating corn, we take in proteins which our bodies cannot recognize and, therefore, digest. Our advice is to go for organic corn.

Bell peppers

Inflammation is a common syndrome which is harmless in most cases. However, it can lead to serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. These usually come as a consequence of more severe causes, like stress and genetics, but peppers can have their role, too. The molecules which present the problem in red peppers are alkaloids, specifical solanine. It causes the nervous system to “overheat,” so to speak, leading to convulsions and twitches. Also, people who suffer from arthritis should avoid peppers.


One of the favorite Italian vegetables, they also contain high levels of alkaloids, like the mentioned red peppers. Again, people with joint problems and chronic inflammation should stay away. Furthermore, eggplants contain a substance called oxalate. If you have trouble with kidney stones, definitely stay away from oxalates.


There is absolutely no doubt that spinach is an excellent vegetable. It contains loads of vitamins (A and K, to be exact), and as anti-cancer properties.Then why is it on this list? Well, conventional spinach leads the list of vegies with high pesticide content. And this means that it contributes to cancer development, hormone issues, and neurological problems.


Again, who would have thought that cucumber is going to end up on this list. And again, it is about the pesticides. From neurotoxins to hormones, cucumbers have them all. Finally, a lot of producers also use synthetic waxes to keep the moisture in the vegetables. It is a common issue with cucumbers, too, so try to find organic ones.

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