Downtown Farmers’ Market: Fresh Café & Market

My name is Kerri Rush, and I own Fresh Wheatgrass Girl LLC. Fresh Café & Market. I’m really known around town for the wheatgrass we grow here in Carlisle I juice it, I sell it as a frozen concentrate. We’ve been down at the Farmers’ Market…I think this will be our 15th year. To start it was just my husband and I and a solar-powered panel and an inverter with a battery and that’s how we ran our juicers and our blenders The Farmers’ Market has been huge for us in allowing us to try out new products you know, selling wheatgrass juice and carrot orange ginger juice wasn’t always popular 15 years ago when we started at The Market.

But it’s caught on, I think, the wave. And our menu this year, We’re bringing back a lot of our old menu items. Our consistent menu items like our balance smoothie. We have our refresh smoothie. Our detox juice. Our lemonade is very popular. And of course our wheatgrass shots. That’s like the #1 thing. We’re bringing our fruit and vegetable infused waters, so that’s a new product for us. We’re also focusing on our juice and smoothies inside the actual fruits. We have our watermelon frappes as well as our smoothie bowls and smoothies and fresh juices. The Downtown Farmers’ Market has really been there and allowed us to experiment with our menu They’ve been the one thing that’s been the constant in our business that we’ve done every single season for the last 15 years. The Downtown Farmers’ Market is one of the best things we ever did. .