Package 1- AU Farmers Market

When you come to the farmers market at American University, be sure to stop by the Raven Hook bakery stand where you’ll be greeted with a smile warmer than the freshly baked bread itself. (Shaw) We have 11 different markets a week. So we primarily on the weekends, but he’s got a few in between mostly in DC a couple in Virginia. And we don’t have a storefront, we have a bakery in Ivy City in like a warehouse, that we share with some other vendors and then we just basically do farmers markets. Shaw works at three of the 11 locations where au is one of her favorites because of the beautiful campus and the wonderful students. I find the students here are really great They’re friendly. They’re polite. They work hard. We’ve had a lot of our student workers actually work for us after they graduate, you know until they find another job or move away. So yeah and keep in touch with us The bakers are Ivy City are up at 3 o’clock in the morning every day to prepare their 17 different types of breads by hand to sell later on that day. They also offer desserts like pound cake and cookies and they sell local made honey and coffee.

Be sure to check out the RavenHook bakery stand, Wednesday’s. 11 to 4 at American University. For comm 432. I’m Malcolm Johnson. .