Dripping Springs Farmer's Market!

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Annual Farmers’ Market “Holiday Edition” showcases local-made goods

The Gallatin County Fairgrounds held their third annual holiday edition of the Gallatin Valley farmers market more than 100 vendors participated displaying booths ranging from art exhibits to demonstrations of weaving and cooking everything is homemade or home growing locally Montana or even Bozeman we have everything from purses to woodwork crafts we have just everything for everybody we needed to have a holiday market here at the fairgrounds so our crafters can show off their wares after summer expect around two thousand customers to do their shopping at the holiday farmers market and say the market will be back next year

Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market | Modern Gardener

Alison Einerson: Hi I’m Alison Einerson. I’m with Urban Food Connections of Utah. We’re here at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Right now we have about 50 or 60 produce vendors, and that will continue to increase as the rest of the harvest comes on. We have a lot of lettuce and micro-greens, and peas. The first of the sweet cherries. We have returning vendors that were original, liked Tagges. We have new farms, one of which is Top Crops SLC. We have Hand Sewn Homegrown. We have a lot of really great food fairway vendors. We have baked goods, we have naturally raised and ranched meat, some amazing cheeses from a few different cheese makers here in the state. We have a lot of different vendors who sell plants. So you can get tomato starts, you can get herbs, you can get flowers for your garden, all kinds of water-wise plants. Pretty much everything you want.

We run 20 weeks throughout the summer, June through October, every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., right here in historic Pioneer Park downtown. It’s a beautiful place to be, it’s a great experience. Come and have lunch, buy some peas, get a coffee, and enjoy the day. .

Package 1- AU Farmers Market

When you come to the farmers market at American University, be sure to stop by the Raven Hook bakery stand where you’ll be greeted with a smile warmer than the freshly baked bread itself. (Shaw) We have 11 different markets a week. So we primarily on the weekends, but he’s got a few in between mostly in DC a couple in Virginia. And we don’t have a storefront, we have a bakery in Ivy City in like a warehouse, that we share with some other vendors and then we just basically do farmers markets. Shaw works at three of the 11 locations where au is one of her favorites because of the beautiful campus and the wonderful students. I find the students here are really great They’re friendly. They’re polite. They work hard. We’ve had a lot of our student workers actually work for us after they graduate, you know until they find another job or move away. So yeah and keep in touch with us The bakers are Ivy City are up at 3 o’clock in the morning every day to prepare their 17 different types of breads by hand to sell later on that day. They also offer desserts like pound cake and cookies and they sell local made honey and coffee.

Be sure to check out the RavenHook bakery stand, Wednesday’s. 11 to 4 at American University. For comm 432. I’m Malcolm Johnson. .

Farmer’s Market Tips & $20 Haul! Come With Me! Mind Over Munch

Hey guys we are at the downtown Santa Monica farmers market and my grocery haul video a lot of you guys expressed interest in seeing a farmer’s market haul so I thought why not take it a step further, bring you to the market with me and I can give you some efficient shopping tips along the way. So my first tip of the day is to bring cash to the farmer’s market.

Not all of the vendors will accept cards but of course all of them will accept cash. It’s also gonna help you budget. So if you know you don’t want to spend more than $20 only bring $20. Bring it in cash. Make sure that you bring some smaller bills so that you don’t run into any issues with breaking down the big ones. Alright so the next tip relates to the time of day that you go. There are benefits to going early and going late. If you go earlier in the day you’re gonna have access to the freshest most beautiful produce. But if you go later in the day some of the vendors will offer discounts um because they don’t want to have to leave the market with the produce that they brought.

That being said, a lot of the vendors don’t really like to bargain so don’t go head-to-head with them and try and force them into a discount. Approach them politely see if they offer a discount and then take advantage of it. Another tip for saving money at the farmers market is to look for the produce that is slightly damaged or bruised. So the quality isn’t gonna be compromised but sometimes the vendors will offer discounts if there are bruises if it isn’t perfectly round or perfectly colored. It’s still gonna taste delicious. It just won’t look as pretty. So make a loop around the market before you buy anything. Kinda scope it out, see what’s catching your eye. A lot of times whatever you find at one stall, you’ll find a few stalls down a little bit cheaper So bring reusable bags with you to the farmers market. I have made this mistake before where I don’t bring any bags and I’m trying to cram it all into my purse and it is bad news.

A lot of these vendors will just give you a small bag that holds only the produce that you’re buying. Also you may want to bring a cooler too because there are also uh more perishable goods like fish and cheese and yogurt that you don’t want to leave out in the sun for too long. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. So if you don’t know what something is, if you don’t know how to cook it if you don’t know if it’s ripe, ask the vendors because they will know. Same goes if you want to know how something was grown.

Which brings me to my next tip: buying local can be organic or naturally grown without being certified. Some of the markets like this one do have to be certified but some of the smaller markets where you live may not and a lot of those vendors just can’t afford the expensive certifications but it doesn’t mean that they don’t follow the organic are naturally grown procedures. So definitely ask them. Talk to them about their practices. Ask them if they spray. Ask what they spray. Um ask what they feed their cows. Ask if they grow the food that they sell. Buy seasonally, it’s gonna be way more affordable and way more delicious. Make sure you do your research before you go so that you know what’s in season right now. Taste test. So this is going to vary by market. When we lived in New York City they were a little more stingy about taste testing the food. But here in LA they seem to encourage it. So if they have a taste test out, taste it. If they don’t you can always ask. But I know when I taste the food it really encourages me to purchase it because I know I’m not gonna be disappointed in my purchase if I like the taste.

Try something new. Every single time I go to the farmer’s market I try to get one new thing that I haven’t tried before. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s mediocre but it does make the healthy lifestyle a little bit more fun and gives me something to look forward to. And so kinda a “Bonus Tip” today is to remember to use your health brain. Uh it’s really easy when we come to the farmer’s market to just assume that everything is healthy and of course the fresh fruits and vegetables are but you’ll also see vendors for you know cookies and donuts and all of this other great stuff that still has refined sugar.

Even if it’s vegan cookies or organic cookies or donuts or whatever it is. Uh those still have to be consumed on occasion. So just keep that in mind. So I have my $20 and I want to take you with me to see what I can get today. So here is the final haul. We spent uh the entire $20. We manged to get some peaches, pimento peppers, which these are uh the food that I got that I’ve never tried before. Um I asked the vendor, he says that they are the best raw. Um you just cut them up, put them in salad, they’re really sweet and delicious. So I’m really stoked to try those. He showed me how to pick out the ones that were the most ripe. Um it’s by color not feel so that was interesting. I’ve got some green zebra tomatoes These I tasted um at the vendor stand and they’re so tangy and delicious. Um these were some tomatoes that I got in the damaged section. So it was called the second choice um or something like that and they look pretty perfect. I mean the bruising, it’s like really minimal um so that was a really good deal.

Some sugar snap peas. Uh this was really cheap. It was only $1.50 for half a pound so if you ever buy them at the grocery store you know they’re much more than that. I bought some sprouts. Usually I buy Alfalfa sprouts at the store um but they had broccoli sprouts and they said they’re much tastier, more nutritious, lots of cancer-fighting properties. So I figured I’d try them out. Um I’ve got some grapes. These are so firm and delicious. I hate when a grape is too squishy. These are sooo good. Um I tasted almost everything that I got.

A watermelon. That was only like $2.50. Um it’s fresh and my splurge of the day was these honey dates. Now the first time I came to the Santa Monica farmer’s market and got these I was like dying. They’re so sweet and delicious and $5 um it’s my most expensive purchase of the day but if you went and bought these at the store they would be wayyyyy more. So this is really a bangin’ deal. So this entire haul ended up costing $20.25. We did go a quarter over in the budget but we managed to find a quarter in our pockets. So thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope that you gys found these tips useful and I hope that your feeling inspired to go to your own local farmer’s market. If you did enjoy this video, don’t forget that give it up thumbs up and comment below and let me know what is your favorite thing to shop for at the farmer’s market. I wanna know. I’ll see you next time and until then tell them remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch. .

Zero Waste: Farmers Market Haul

I have my canvas bag with all my little goodies in there, so I’m gonna see if I can vlog today by myself, without looking like a crazy person. All right. I have made it to the farmers market. It’s about noon, which is not an ideal time to go to the farmers market but I have a thirty dollar budget and I know exactly where I’m going. These are the pasta people. There’s some more veggies here. zucchini for 50 cents! I’m looking for the eggs people who have double yolked eggs It’s like an older couple. I’m back from the farmers market so I’m gonna share a little bit of my farmers market haul with you. I have my egg carton which is reusable. These particular eggs are double yolked eggs. There’s a specific seller who always sells them.

The first time I ever had them I thought they were so delicious. A little bit creepy when you think about how they guarantee that you get double yolked eggs but oh well. I really like eggs, so double yolk eggs are here. They’re jumbo and this container came from Home Goods so I just try to use it whenever I go to the farmers market. There’s a seller there who sells three produce items for $5, so I’ve got $10 worth of fruit and vegetables from them. Part of that was bananas and best thing about that is that there’s no packaging involved. I got these sweet plums that they have. About four of them here. Loose white mushrooms. Love cherry tomatoes– have a bunch of them here. Bigger canvas bag. Really oddly shaped sweet potatoes. About four of them. I had enough money left to buy some kale. The three for five stall was in one spot. Pretty much the same spot that they have every Saturday, so I knew where to find them.

But they have different farm stalls. I went to three out of four. I was kind of trying to catch my bus. I was able to do the shopping pretty quickly, but maybe I was there for about 25-30 minutes. I was trying to get as much done as I needed to. I went in with $35 and I came in way under so with all the stuff that I got, I bought $15 worth of groceries. I have $20 left to spare. Every month I put out my budget and I do it on something called “Every Dollar”— it’s Dave Ramsey’s app. If you have not used it in your budgeting, it is a perfect app to use. I like it because if I go under or over in any of my categories and I can just kind of shift amounts over in my budget. Now that I’m $20 under in my grocery bill, those twenty dollars can go somewhere else.

I now have some spare money for something else. Thanks for coming along with me to the farmers market. I hope you are able to check out any farmers markets in your neighborhood. I love the people aspect of farmers markets. I really encourage it. It’s a great way to shop locally. Thanks for watching. Bye everybody .

Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2.5

So check this out it’s Trevor James I’m once again at a super busy morning market here in chung view bright and early we’re going deep we’re gonna try out a lot of cool stuff today go for a walk around the local market you okay check it out Jigga she’s young Gemma uh-huh okay this looks like some sort of Neha sugar susharma very beautiful well Paige I’m talking ah Gemma okay Jigga shajir oh oh oh – oh oh oh – raw pig ah just yeah okay deep fried pork Oh when Bonnie AO until ten yes ancient Dan aha Nate I homie and Jonica to Roche Emma now okay my son quite a handsome Dan hi oh you see I get to Roma huh yeah just yeah oh hang on ah Jelani well that’s a janitor they ah yeah Oh Jake assure you an trimmer look at all the people buying vegetables over here this is such a busy market it’s a super local super local look at him look at him dipping the pork in make a challenge like a true Rotich anxious i’ma poach often most of it ah so these deep-fried pork ships are in a sweet potato batter and bong and bunk now okay okay ohayo G done Oh an egg yeah Wow look at that oh yeah oh okay hey hey okay it’s covered in spicy chilies now we’re gonna go for the first test and tongue oh I’m down Wow but it’s awesome because the yolk is still a little runny it’s like pops in your mouth and it’s it actually tastes just like a normal egg can put on the cheetah and traveled all the way down I’m not sure just yeah give me your hand on me and Baumer jewish amaway de tienda your Hong Kong DOMA nihongo de near Hong Gautama no mayo on go now watch our luggage okay my goomah how’s this yeah nada oh oh oh haha yeah ah oh it’s still warm I should I should know I’m holder – ah tie Holly it’s it’s warm look at this look at this okay we’re going in we’re going in thinking okay okay awesome wow that is super oily though I need something else for breakfast honestly but that is awesome it’s crispy the texture is just like a really really soft pumpkin awesome let’s go check it out let’s go see what else there is this is an awesome market part two here and I’ve already got all these snacks most of them deep-fried I’m looking for something else something a little healthier first haps this is a bustling Wow sugar me hump chicken chef Mauro Zucca chef Mauro new Roma crema Shem away de Lucas you shot my way down so with all washout Widow Kahala now will creature right requital buff okay okay we’re gonna try it out Jigga shoot somewhat older summertime stewed beef Wow wow that’s a huge chunk that’s a huge chunk ashes are quite Halford okay all right Jessica I should stick play what’s your teacher okay yeah peachy she said he’s gonna cut it up for me oh I know actually it’s kind of weird I don’t know if I like that texture kind of mushy that actually tastes just like ham Oakley funk funk funk and now treat Emma yeah dip it look at all that latch ah he just gave me oh yeah so they’ve got it all here really fresh produce fresh veg fresh noodles oh no no Benjamin citron the live one sits on the PC end over PCM – sure teeny and virgin – Nana oh yeah Jigga Jigga Jigga sheesh I’m much happier to show you seditious Emma look at that right in the jar Dobin Jiang that’s a spicy broad bean paste super salty and spicy awesome sure quash Emma its fermented and that’s where the beauty comes from awesome put that in the walk when you’re cooking living the dream awesome Jenny okay I got something else on my mind now actually young Ben’s side which is just over there it’s like a cold bitch one salad cut my leg on time I make a jewel Argan jargon hey yo sugar sure – Gemma – oh yeah look at those rice noodles Oh jiggle more they uh don’t appear double p 3j hey yo needs may I – sure nah nigga educational Oh ginger updated bamboo awesome hi hi back hey hi Thank You guy call them okay go look you know you know Tony’s a shawarma how oh it’s gonna be good though when she gives it to me nigga shut up Giulio italiana Oh mio Benicia Sherma hi how Lola what’s way either this is from the young bands hi Tyler what’s that Julie crema I’ve got a fat suit one salad here look at that plump bag of goodies oh yeah it’s cold it’s wet it’s got a lot of tofu skin in there awesome and they have no chopsticks cuz this is not meant to be eaten on the street so I’m going in with the hands okay we’re gonna have a slice of that we’re gonna have a slice of that doleful pea with a little jargon which is a stitch one fish root okay almost just like fish like a mix between fish and cilantro and it’s covered in us this one spicy oil Bangla gonna shoot song in nowhere Johanna how should women go Henry now and Yoho don’t go around Han na hey you get enough dough show ya some of the nicest people I’m telling you well please leave me a comment down below now share this video with your friends because this is a true sich one market that you could visit if you came to sich one check out my other two videos on this market as well thanks again and leave me a comment

Farmer’s Markets fighting the heat


SNAP, Food Stamp Recipients Can Shop Farmers Markets Through Fresh Access Program

The program called fresh access gives snap and food stamp recipients a way to shop at local farmers markets Rick Dayton explains have a program which is set up through a Pittsburgh organization called just harvest makes it easy to get more for less it’s new at 4:00 a Pittsburgh tradition is back and fresher than ever there’s nothing else they can compare to it you know fresh vegetables and flowers re pre shopped the farmers market at Market Square opened at 10:00 a.m. it will be in town every Thursday until the end of October the best nutrition best flavor best quality when you get it right from the farm you’re supporting small businesses your community and the product can be needed that’s because it goes from the garden or the orchard and straight into your hands we try to reach out to all different communities so we want to make sure that each community has access to fresh grown produce now on our farm we try to pick and sell everything within 24 hours when you fall in love with a farmers market it’s kind of hard to break the habit it’s just a passion I have in life and when I got involved with just harvest several years ago the fresh access program was expanding to the other markets so many people know about the farmers market 14th year that it’s been in downtown Pittsburgh but it’s more than just fruits and vegetables you can buy flowers you can buy plants but also now with food stamps and EBT cards for five dollars worth of fruits and vegetables you end up getting an extra two by using your card for people who have EBT cards for every five dollars that they put on their EBT card they are eligible to get a coupon for two dollars free which can only be used on fresh produce which means more wholesome goodness for less money Rick dick kdka-tv news

Downtown Farmers’ Market: Fresh Café & Market

My name is Kerri Rush, and I own Fresh Wheatgrass Girl LLC. Fresh Café & Market. I’m really known around town for the wheatgrass we grow here in Carlisle I juice it, I sell it as a frozen concentrate. We’ve been down at the Farmers’ Market…I think this will be our 15th year. To start it was just my husband and I and a solar-powered panel and an inverter with a battery and that’s how we ran our juicers and our blenders The Farmers’ Market has been huge for us in allowing us to try out new products you know, selling wheatgrass juice and carrot orange ginger juice wasn’t always popular 15 years ago when we started at The Market.

But it’s caught on, I think, the wave. And our menu this year, We’re bringing back a lot of our old menu items. Our consistent menu items like our balance smoothie. We have our refresh smoothie. Our detox juice. Our lemonade is very popular. And of course our wheatgrass shots. That’s like the #1 thing. We’re bringing our fruit and vegetable infused waters, so that’s a new product for us. We’re also focusing on our juice and smoothies inside the actual fruits. We have our watermelon frappes as well as our smoothie bowls and smoothies and fresh juices. The Downtown Farmers’ Market has really been there and allowed us to experiment with our menu They’ve been the one thing that’s been the constant in our business that we’ve done every single season for the last 15 years. The Downtown Farmers’ Market is one of the best things we ever did. .

2017 Key Partner Awards – Michigan Farmers Market Association

Hi I’m Julia Darnton and I nominated the Michigan Farmers Market Association for the key partner award. Farmers markets are really some of our community’s front porches, or the places where everyone is welcome and everyone can gather, and the Michigan Farmers Market Association has enhanced that capacity across the state. And they’ve been very successful and thoughtful about the way they build programs to enhance farmer success and make sure that our communities can have these points of food access. Dru:>> You know, we definitely would not be in the same place without Extension. What we’ve had with people on the ground is helping us connect to communities, understand those unique community circumstances, and really build vibrant marketplaces across the state. They’re our eyes and ears on the ground and that type of relationship has been incredible for us.

We have seen tremendous growth in the farmers market community here in Michigan. We’ve grown from 150 when we started in 2006 to more than 300 today, and a lot of that growth has happened in communities where MSU Extension educators are on the ground in supporting those markets in so many different ways. you .