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Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2.5

So check this out it’s Trevor James I’m once again at a super busy morning market here in chung view bright and early we’re going deep we’re gonna try out a lot of cool stuff today go for a walk around the local market you okay check it out Jigga she’s young Gemma uh-huh okay this looks like some sort of Neha sugar susharma very beautiful well Paige I’m talking ah Gemma okay Jigga shajir oh oh oh – oh oh oh – raw pig ah just yeah okay deep fried pork Oh when Bonnie AO until ten yes ancient Dan aha Nate I homie and Jonica to Roche Emma now okay my son quite a handsome Dan hi oh you see I get to Roma huh yeah just yeah oh hang on ah Jelani well that’s a janitor they ah yeah Oh Jake assure you an trimmer look at all the people buying vegetables over here this is such a busy market it’s a super local super local look at him look at him dipping the pork in make a challenge like a true Rotich anxious i’ma poach often most of it ah so these deep-fried pork ships are in a sweet potato batter and bong and bunk now okay okay ohayo G done Oh an egg yeah Wow look at that oh yeah oh okay hey hey okay it’s covered in spicy chilies now we’re gonna go for the first test and tongue oh I’m down Wow but it’s awesome because the yolk is still a little runny it’s like pops in your mouth and it’s it actually tastes just like a normal egg can put on the cheetah and traveled all the way down I’m not sure just yeah give me your hand on me and Baumer jewish amaway de tienda your Hong Kong DOMA nihongo de near Hong Gautama no mayo on go now watch our luggage okay my goomah how’s this yeah nada oh oh oh haha yeah ah oh it’s still warm I should I should know I’m holder – ah tie Holly it’s it’s warm look at this look at this okay we’re going in we’re going in thinking okay okay awesome wow that is super oily though I need something else for breakfast honestly but that is awesome it’s crispy the texture is just like a really really soft pumpkin awesome let’s go check it out let’s go see what else there is this is an awesome market part two here and I’ve already got all these snacks most of them deep-fried I’m looking for something else something a little healthier first haps this is a bustling Wow sugar me hump chicken chef Mauro Zucca chef Mauro new Roma crema Shem away de Lucas you shot my way down so with all washout Widow Kahala now will creature right requital buff okay okay we’re gonna try it out Jigga shoot somewhat older summertime stewed beef Wow wow that’s a huge chunk that’s a huge chunk ashes are quite Halford okay all right Jessica I should stick play what’s your teacher okay yeah peachy she said he’s gonna cut it up for me oh I know actually it’s kind of weird I don’t know if I like that texture kind of mushy that actually tastes just like ham Oakley funk funk funk and now treat Emma yeah dip it look at all that latch ah he just gave me oh yeah so they’ve got it all here really fresh produce fresh veg fresh noodles oh no no Benjamin citron the live one sits on the PC end over PCM – sure teeny and virgin – Nana oh yeah Jigga Jigga Jigga sheesh I’m much happier to show you seditious Emma look at that right in the jar Dobin Jiang that’s a spicy broad bean paste super salty and spicy awesome sure quash Emma its fermented and that’s where the beauty comes from awesome put that in the walk when you’re cooking living the dream awesome Jenny okay I got something else on my mind now actually young Ben’s side which is just over there it’s like a cold bitch one salad cut my leg on time I make a jewel Argan jargon hey yo sugar sure – Gemma – oh yeah look at those rice noodles Oh jiggle more they uh don’t appear double p 3j hey yo needs may I – sure nah nigga educational Oh ginger updated bamboo awesome hi hi back hey hi Thank You guy call them okay go look you know you know Tony’s a shawarma how oh it’s gonna be good though when she gives it to me nigga shut up Giulio italiana Oh mio Benicia Sherma hi how Lola what’s way either this is from the young bands hi Tyler what’s that Julie crema I’ve got a fat suit one salad here look at that plump bag of goodies oh yeah it’s cold it’s wet it’s got a lot of tofu skin in there awesome and they have no chopsticks cuz this is not meant to be eaten on the street so I’m going in with the hands okay we’re gonna have a slice of that we’re gonna have a slice of that doleful pea with a little jargon which is a stitch one fish root okay almost just like fish like a mix between fish and cilantro and it’s covered in us this one spicy oil Bangla gonna shoot song in nowhere Johanna how should women go Henry now and Yoho don’t go around Han na hey you get enough dough show ya some of the nicest people I’m telling you well please leave me a comment down below now share this video with your friends because this is a true sich one market that you could visit if you came to sich one check out my other two videos on this market as well thanks again and leave me a comment