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Voices of Arizona Farmers Markets: Hassayampa Vineyard and Farm at the Prescott Farmers Market

My farm is located in Kirkland, Arizona. My farm is… I guess I would call it a family farm. My husband and I are the managers of the farm. The actual vegetable garden is about an acre and a half. And we have about half an acre of produce of fruit trees. My husband and I have been managing this farm for two years, and we ran our own farm for five years prior, so seven years total. We’ve been selling at this market since 2010. My favorite thing is having a relationship with customers at the market and seeing people over the years and getting to know them and getting to know what food they like and how they cook and working with them.

I think Double Up Food Bucks has helped sell more produce, especially the families and people that I haven’t seen at the market, so it brought a lot of new faces, which is really exciting to see, children to be eating out produce. I think it is awesome. I hope people know about Double Up Food Bucks and use it more, cause it is a really cool thing for the farmers because we can provide more produce to the people that want it.

In October, it is mostly the winter squashes, a lot of the storage crops, onion and garlic we still have. It is kind of the tail end of our pepper season. A lot of other farmers have beets and carrots, and going into the cooler season crops like leafy greens and lettuces. My favorite recipe is kind of goes for all the winter squash. I do sort of the same thing for each type of winter squash, cook it the same, whether it is a kabocha squash or butternut. I cut them up into one-inch cubes and roast them in the oven. And I like to put them in a cast iron pan with a lid or some kind of pan that can go in the oven with a lid, with olive oil and salts and some herbs, depending on how I am feeling, whether I put like cumin and paprika in it or French types herbs together. Then just roast it for about 45 minutes to an hour at 350 degrees. And then just eat it.