Dripping Springs Farmer's Market!

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Fresh Access

SNAP, Food Stamp Recipients Can Shop Farmers Markets Through Fresh Access Program

The program called fresh access gives snap and food stamp recipients a way to shop at local farmers markets Rick Dayton explains have a program which is set up through a Pittsburgh organization called just harvest makes it easy to get more for less it’s new at 4:00 a Pittsburgh tradition is back and fresher than ever there’s nothing else they can compare to it you know fresh vegetables and flowers re pre shopped the farmers market at Market Square opened at 10:00 a.m. it will be in town every Thursday until the end of October the best nutrition best flavor best quality when you get it right from the farm you’re supporting small businesses your community and the product can be needed that’s because it goes from the garden or the orchard and straight into your hands we try to reach out to all different communities so we want to make sure that each community has access to fresh grown produce now on our farm we try to pick and sell everything within 24 hours when you fall in love with a farmers market it’s kind of hard to break the habit it’s just a passion I have in life and when I got involved with just harvest several years ago the fresh access program was expanding to the other markets so many people know about the farmers market 14th year that it’s been in downtown Pittsburgh but it’s more than just fruits and vegetables you can buy flowers you can buy plants but also now with food stamps and EBT cards for five dollars worth of fruits and vegetables you end up getting an extra two by using your card for people who have EBT cards for every five dollars that they put on their EBT card they are eligible to get a coupon for two dollars free which can only be used on fresh produce which means more wholesome goodness for less money Rick dick kdka-tv news