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Effective Farmers Market Displays

My name’s Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant and I am a local food systems and small farm educator located out of Springfield and I’d like to welcome everyone to today’s webinar I don’t know about you but I have a severe case of spring fever and it makes me look forward to the upcoming farmer market season I’m involved in farmers market as many of you probably are as consumers I it’s an important part of my shopping our experience every week and I’m sure many of you r house are very are interested in going to farmers market the other thing that I do up its work with farmers markets professional least I have an opportunity to work with people who are venting at farmers markets I’m also on the board uphill and I Farmers Market Association and %uh some of my colleagues are on the call with me today we started a project last year the farmers market price reporting steady run one alien hi are the chairs and then Mikes on the call who participated we had extension educators program coordinators in arm other volunteers that would help Master Gardener volunteers so this is a really interesting project in one of the things that it led me to do is that from baby through October every week I went to the farmers markets and spent a lot of time looking at Farmers Market display so what we looked as educators in developing this year’s series one of the things I thought about was looking you know going to the market every week I noticed opportunities for farmers to do a better job to be more effective in their sales at the market so today this is not an opportunity we don’t since each other a face to face but there is an opportunity to put in question so if you have any we can try to have a conversation that way I’m so and I hope you think that’s a cute picture a friend I think it’s can tell if if that’s a happy shopper I’m happy shopper so today we’re gonna cover three things gonna talk briefly about the local food landscape issues related to local food in NY this is an important topic secondly we’re going to talk about the importance of farmers markets and obviously if you’re on the call today you feel that farmers markets are important and then the topic for discussion is really how do you create displays they can help you be effective in your sales at the farmers market these consumers are more interested than ever and what they eat and where their food comes from and that is reflected in our menu to trends research in this is a quote from National Restaurant Association and look this report just came out every year there National Restaurant Association puts out the top five after a trans and they have many more than 5i just M we’re talking about the top five today but as you can see from this the top five include locally sourced meats and seafood locally grown produce environmental sustainability helpful kids meals and natural ingredients terminal in minimally processed food soul this is a an important thing for you as a person who is spending at a market or is working with people who are doing that to understand that this is an important you know aspect of our food food landscape so wouldn’t you think about I you know why do people purchase local food there’s a really interesting study if you’re interested in looking at a further from the Food Marketing Institute and they do this you at teams kismayu s crusher shopping trends in their study in 2014 you can see the interview over 2,000 consumers the vast majority of these people say that they purchase locally grown products at least occasionally cell thats you know a couple times a month at least 90 percent of consumers save but they’re purchasing locally and that one of the things that was interesting in the study that they said what are the reasons that people wanted to purchase this food is that they believed and had an inherent trust in the quality up those products and the people that they were buying them from so thinking about yourself as a farmer who’s spending at the farmers market you can see obviously when they’re doing these shopper trends that people want to buy local lewd they seek it out and the other thing that you have that it more so even from a grocery store that may be a selling local foods is that you have the opportunity to engage with people and develop those relationships of trust that a grocery store wouldn’t be able to do you my friend in Cali tear Brackman many of you may know her I’m she’s an educator the founder of an organization called the land connection and as you can see here the author of this really amazing book called the season and Henry’s farm and are in my work with her we r HealthEast federal and I from beginnings training programs in we have these conversations about local foods and tear came up with this way of talking about this issue of using these three things face pace in place and so thinking about why consumers want local foods there’s three components still taste people want fresh delicious and nutritious food people want to hear a direct relationship with the farmer and also they’re interested in connecting with the family that farm in the community service sense of place it’s important to people I don’t know about you but those look like a really nice group with tomatoes this is terrace sister Theresa Brockman from sunny lane farm she has entries is fruit and herbs in consumers want to buy from people that they know and they trust and they want a food with a face at it this third photograph is Phillies fields cell is a graduate of I the University of Illinois beginning farmer program and also central on nice our beginnings and she has a CSA in Springfield and that’s her family in I’m a photographic them and then they wanted people want to know who’s growing their shit so let’s shift now to talking a little bit about farmers market and we’ll talk more about this organization at the bottom the farmers market coalition but you know everything needs to have a definition and according to the coalition a farmers market is a public in recurring assembly a farmer’s are there receptionist selling directly to consumers food which they have produced themselves more specifically a farmers market operates multiple times per year his organized for the purpose of facilitating personal connections they create mutual benefits for local farmers shoppers in communities farmers markets are integral part after been farm linkage and they have continued to rise in popularity and this is mostly due to the consumers growing interest in obtaining fresh products as we stand directly from the farm farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally grown farm fresh produce it also enables farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers and then they can also call to be consumer loyalty with their customers and conversely for with the farmers direct marketing a farm products to farmers market continues to be an important sales outlet for many farmers Apr in Illinois in and nationwide so let’s look at some statistics in some data about farmers market I went on to this website the US Teac marketing service website anyone enough you can’t go there and check it out in fact in they have a really nice searchable database purse date and then its as you can see and hear if you’re interested in sing Welsh markets are involved in snapper where her senior Farmers Market nutrition program you can also look at that but effective yesterday when I want to get the most recent data there were a thousand 384 farms market operating throughout the United States and what’s interesting for us here in Illinois that we’re Inc forced in nation up the numbers are farmers market so there’s 324 currently registered and how this works is that a farmers market would need to complete this paper work through our Illinois Department of Agriculture so if you’re a farmer market manager and you’re interested in having your market be listed in this directory you need to do that and then what happens is that comprehensive list there they pick a date one day of the year where that information that needs to be submitted to the air marketing service so that’s the dataset that populate this website link that you see here say your he might be wondering well there’s my markets not listed on there but that’s because a market manager hadn’t earned that information and stove again if you have a market and you’d like it to be listed make sure that you do that I’m sure many of you have probably can’t figure out like what’s the top farmers market state its California a second is New York third is Michigan fourth is Illinois and fifties Ohio so those are the top five it beast in 2000 15 on hopes I said March 2 expertise 2050 so they’ll that just to give you some idea of the interest in our state in terms of farmers market here’s a chart that may be of interest to you it from the USTA again ac agricultural marketing service and you can see from 1994 to 2014 the number farmers market in the in the United it’s in this increase so you can see there there was a really huge jump now between 2009 and 2014 we’ve had a little bit a leveling off from 2002 14 but again there’s this is lot of consumer interest in farmers markets so what are some of the top three inspec consumer shop shop at farmer’s market the number one reason that people said that the wanted to shop at farmer’s market was freshness as you can see here knows are pretty amazing vegetables and I think that for many of us that’s you know one of the reasons we want shop there we know that many other things that were purchasing in that market were just harvested that morning another reason that farmers are consumers want to shop at farmers markets his taste and I’m its I mean the the tasting the food and then the shopping experience and when things it’s interesting that’s going to be happening in Illinois we’re working we have our legislation that was passed we’re gonna be developing the a framework for doing so but is offering his certificate program for people to do sampling at farmers markets cell farmers would go and have an educational program then have certificate they would have to pay a fee and then that would allow them to have tasting it have 80 farmers market in the state so there would be reciprocity between county’s so this is something our studies have shown that when people have an opportunity to pay something they’re obviously more inclined to buy it so this is gonna be an important thing for our farmers and farmers markets to have this you can FTC farmers markets currently but you work with your Illinois Department of Public Health county by county and then do the appropriate paperwork and pay the fee based on how those counties do that and the other thing is that the third we top reason why people want to shop at the farmer’s markets is obviously access to local food in with shared in the beginning at this presentation from the restaurant Association for chefs this is the primary thing interest to people we see that there’s obviously interested farmers markets so this local food is a as a primary interest for people and now we’re gonna shift to out the main topic that we’re talking about today is affected farmers market displays and this is a critical component for effective and profitable selling at the farmers market so what can a farmer do what are some other things that you can do to increase your effectiveness at the farmers market well you know common sense is you need to know who are your market customers and there we weren’t face to face with one another we could have a conversation about you know how do you how do you figure that out so you can do surveys in things like that in just talking to your customers and seeing who they are and NY why they’re coming to your stand the other thing that you can look at this water other vendors doing are planning to do and so if your farmers market manager you have vendor meetings there’s opportunities through and we’ll talk about this from little but later is the only farmers market Association an educational programming where vendors in for market managers can get together and and learn from one another and then obviously it’s important to get customers you know figure out ways that you can get customers to your market and obviously you know then cheat two-year stint and lastly you for the topic eight years figuring out ways that you can create this place that really can help you sell your product so you have this great product and you have farmers market is bustling with class-a shoppers and so you might be asking yourself why your sales earnestness you had hoped so having a great product is really important but only if you can attract customers to your stay and to try and super-high so today we’re going to talk about some basic tips for arranging your space display strategies that work and a few other marketing tactics that was signal consumers that you are open for biz and I just like to say to that this isn’t I’m rocket science here the system pretty straightforward thinking about how you can approach this and many of you are probably doing that so maybe in our discussion are something comes to mind when I’m sharing this information that you can show that we can have a discussion after my presentation and there’s a professor from Virginia State University Cooperative Extension archery set in archaea and she shared that one of the most important things a farmer can do to improve marketing is self analyzed farmers are usually busy in production motor packing in putting everything into the track she suggests that farmers can lay out photos have market set up from previous years and analyze them from every angle to determine where improvements can be made and she said you can also ask people or the market manager if this is somewhere they would shop she said if you’d didn’t have are a previous the ant you could take photos of you know if he had done this before take foreign intense set it up how the stand how you want it to look and then review those photos and so from my perspective and also from other people who think about this question your call is to capture your cure streamers attention at the very first market rate because that’s where the customers her if we won in customer loyalty and you want people to come back so one of the things to do is to make sure that you have an effective display that’s engaging in that well invite people in so some issues to consider it stop you know as we said a good display is a great strategy for increasing your sales once you get shoppers there getting shoppers to buy is a lot easier once you have them standing there great interest in europe get them and they’re walking down the path and you need to get them to stop I one other things too that’s interesting if you’ve ever you to look around at the farmers market in use the different I’m dentures that seem to have a lot of customers and that seems to attract other people wanna come in either like wild what’s going on there in I you know I’m gonna check this out chill and lastly I think this is the point of this presentation today it’s just I am as I said not magic on rocket science just you spend a little time and some creativity and figure out ways have your stance the end out for the things we’re gonna talk about today there’s a diff them so abuse include creating a sense and abundant how do you make your space customer-friendly considering maybe are setting up your display with the 32 dimensional component labeling is is really important and I can just say from my experience have writing down prices in looking at numerous add farmers market stance last year I mean I that was one of the things that it I would stand at some of these and I could couldn’t discern what they were selling at what price it so I think that this is something to her make sure that you do correctly you need to be this book as you’re competing with a lot in this same people that I meet people are selling similar products and so how do you do that how do you make yourself standout how do you present your products in in a way that makes them shine so that do stand out our packaging to fit and then maybe something to do with from a grab-and-go section this is a suggestion where how you can put your produce together and way that makes it more effective for people that maybe are considering I’m leading to have they don’t have a lot of time to cook and may be doing that so we’ll talk about their priestly so creating a sense of abundant and more abundant I think one of the things to me about going to the farmers market is the Justice the just beautiful produce and its itself at amazing are the colors and everything like this and as you know I’m we as eaters in a shoppers we know we do it with our eyes and so what are the things is to consider I am is you know how do you set up your stand so that in encourages a stance that abundance so overflowing be asked to produce invite the customer in and make them want to purchase so at the challenge here is you know you want people to come in and but you also by want people to shop and this other thing and you probably noticed this yourselves too is that how people set up their display in terms of this looking at that question abundances let’s say you have a whole basket of have to be does and then you get down to just a couple you can have those to me to sit there for them rest at the farmers market right because people are disinclined to buy you know one is just take their by itself you know people to stay don’t get up so one other things is you need to step your stand in a way where you can keep this sense abundance Co Inc soul you perhaps to consider starting with larger containers reducing the size let’s say you have more tables to start with uke you consolidate for that by the end of the market if somebody’s getting there at eleven o’clock you still want that shopper to feel similar which is how often hard to do as someone who would come 8 o’clock right so as it says here lastly you know you don’t want to give the slate shoppers that you know there late in everything’s been sold and just targeting the leftovers another thing to consider is to make your space customer-friendly so thinking about when you shop at the farmers market you need to have a space us at is I not cluttered in overcrowded in this is one of the things I would have to say that a lot of the vendors that I A with not paying attention to this that was something that it was really cluttered and overcrowded and it made it difficult to shop I’m I’d you know and I don’t know I guess people have different opinions about this but I just feel like I’m you still want that abundance but at the same time you don’t want it to seem cluttered the only thing they obviously if you can protect I’m your space from the weather most vendors have 10th are other things which is is important and this idea of moving around to some farmers market it just depends on where you are in the kinda space at available often it’s a table where US the vendor stand behind the table some customers are just moving into and a few up in looking at some preparing for this presentation date it was suggested that one of the best formats for designing your farmers market stand with PNAU shaped where people could our comp come in that way so on that’s important to consider and then one of the things that you’re gonna obviously need to do is that through the duration of the market your you or enter your employees are gonna up to restock best and then you have up places where you know you’re gonna wanna talk and engage with your customers so how do you set up your stand where people can comfortably shop but at the same time you can have those psych conversations with the customer or enough stock at your displace a try to keep that in mind and the other thing too it’s just important from both your customer’s perspective and from your perspective is when you’re setting up your produce and products on the table you what the customer to be able to access them yourself because you’re going to be very busy doing lots of other things and so that they can do that themselves and then sometimes too I’ve I watched at the market if people get too frustrated if they’re standing there and they don’t know what something is in there trying to ask where they don’t know what the prices you know they just walk away so just make sure that you set this up in a way that it’s I customer-friendly this is an interesting I’m thing to think about is how you design your farmers markets play in terms of the levels that year you’re doing so one other things in looking at this is that it suggested that you look at all three dimensions appears the ant so high with and DEP and so in setting up your stay and you’re going to combine these three aspects make the most you have usually you have a pretty small space right so thinking about the average customer they have about a 2-3 foot reach into a display without in a feeling akward her every inconvenience so thinking about that and then you think okay well how can I set these things up so setting up perhaps the display rack they don’t have to be expensive I started oMG thing I Pinterest and looking around and there’s some really wonderful ideas if you’re if you use Pinterest just google farmers market this place and they have all kinds of great ideas in DIY kinda things to do I what are the benefits of this is that it allows your area to look for all and then it can show a different sizes products to to you know give them an option an idea of what your options are so few growing difference heists let’s see if peppers or anything like that when things just to caution you too um well these racks in these displays are are very useful wanted things you need to make sure is that you acre them well because obviously farmers markets for the most part are outside in at least nine in central and I we get some pretty strong when so make sure if you this book is that you have set up that can handle a stronger winds or inclement weather this thing up labeling I as I said briefly before this was a big deal because you know my job was to stay in there and two walks through the market in right down the prices and their worst several vendors worry it was difficult to figure out you know number one where the products word they weren’t labeled and then the prices and so I would suggest that this is a really important part of your having an effective farmers market display cell making sure that everything is clearly marked many %uh view are maybe do this already but offer opportunities for recipes or even sign it’s that tells people about attributes of the product in how one kid can use it we talked briefly about this idea of sampling so I think it’s very we’re very fortunate Illinois ever going to be able to move forward with and easier way for you as a farmers market vendor is to offer options for people sample this is an interesting component back to where it says many people are reluctant to ask cost install they will walk away and I as i said i I was trying to write the prices down so I had to often engage with that tender because I didn’t know what the prices were but I watched people look around for that information in it they didn’t see it they were he would walk away you also should consider that your signs need to be red easily and suggested would be it a distance of three diff I feet I if you are selling something that maybe people are not for money with its becomes really important that you have signed each about what that is and may be possible uses so from my perspective to you selling at a farmers market has a pretty strong educational component so you have people there is we’ve mentioned at the beginning in the presentation who are interested in local food they’re interested in supporting the farmers market and many of them come they’re turning gauge with US farmer to learn more about how the food is raced am when they purchase the food how they can use this you know in their kitchen so I think if you have ways that you can do that in terms of effective fine H that that’s an important part of your our display making yourself visible I some people arm go to greater lengths and you can see from the slight that I just showed you you know just looking at this okay walking up to this can’t you can see that they have I am a motif going on they have I read 10 although it my reading a this for preparing the presentation it was suggested that dark color 10th ours effective and they suggested white is the best because of how it reflex on the vegetables here but you know their theme is red so they have a red shirts the red and white tablecloth so it has when you come up to this the end you’re pretty clearly who’s who’s the person that’s the farmer for the salesperson and you get this third of a connected %ah five here this display school I it suggested that if you are able and interested in doing this it might be something to consider wearing and a plan with your farm logo or t-shirt or something like that that identifies you I have to say to that going to the farmers market in watching every week I was really surprised sometimes how grumpy I guess it for a better word some and maybe there’s you know obviously reasons ek can occur dealing with the public for couple hours and that you could get grumpy but you should try to be opening open and welcoming because i think thats absolute people are coming to this they’re coming through this experience a component to shell try to do that and I’m this idea to have like hiding behind your display that you know maybe you shouldn’t she tried to be out there and in in now that you’re part of it and again thinking about how you’re displaying your products I don’t know I mean we can have a conversation about the different aesthetic you know a statics what people think is attractive but you know here’s obviously this farm has a lot of different varieties of apples they have these unique containers this is it you know what these metal containers there you can see here they have the different sizes so Jim in our Terms how their the dimensions how their displayed so I don’t you know I guess week you could see think yourself you know is this something that you would see as an engaging display that would make you want to walk over there and purchase these apples instead if if they were just inside up a box so one of the things that you can do in this is where your creativity in your own personality would come into it you know how do you do this so if you think about your sign each or if you have a farm logos that he have some kind of bean going and their do you have the unique axes are crates or something like that in itself you know I’ve seen all kinds have stance in some really amazing com designs that people have hair have it there farmers markets can’t then thinking about like we show the picture of Triple S farms where they had their arming their and their table class it always com used to enhance what that they were what they were selling and then I’m I I think this was an interesting comment about of weight using colors that clash with your up products are sent mixed messages hi to to the buyer in so I think hum you know that’s something to consider to do in terms of high he set that up this is an interesting thing for harm especially consumers and people that are busy in in one of the things we’ve talked about it Bronwen and I comp in terms of just report that are working on for this farmers market study about when people come to the market in how are they are spending their money in in what they’re looking to buy and there’s a lot of conversation amongst our market managers and even Prowers where you sell your I produce right and then there seems to be and upbeat interesting people to hack that to have ready ap already prepared items if you look around at the market in our people buying the baked goods or things like that so one of the things that you can do as a produce grower his sis develop as this you can see from this package where the ever-growing all of these items may meet just assertive you know cute little sign it’s nothing fancy right have a little I’ll piece of paper with the recipe and the kisser to put everything together and they say okay you know you don’t even as a consumer they don’t have to think about okay why calls and salsa you could just buy it added seven dollars and fifty cents and it makes 1 quart and so there you go you can just walk up to the city and in leave with you know up way to make salsa so that’s the thing I think is important in to consider when you’re designing your farm market stand in and gets back to know and who your customers are is this something that would be of interest to them so depending on where your market is you know what your market beer spending seven dollars and fifty cents our little basket and vegetables or do you have customers who can figure out how to buy some tomatoes in you know peppers and things like that im I make their own salsa so on this is the other thing to wear you can see this White Ranger approach to wear some our markets dance obviously things come in bags or their bunched and things like that or you can offer people the opportunity kid up build their own baskets I think that’s something to consider an often it’s dependent on what you’re selling to write so you’re gonna need to comity alt the type to customers that that you have to you so can I think you know maybe look at if year have a you know try it this year to Steve let’s say the stir fry their suggest here stir fry medley issue reggie Packers salsa and I think %uh so when you doing at this value-added component you can add up you know making more money than you would if you sold those and vegetables individually and this is another thing where up with people being busy or whatever you know maybe you could have this kind of grabbing gross action where you know people can just stop in if easy for them and they don’t have to stand around and figure out what they’re going to buyer would ever like that you can can do that and they can pop in and pop art so that’s something to consider two up may be trying out and seeing if that helps your sales so thinking about those components I just wanna talk briefly about you know what are some might step by step for for planning your display so how do you do that so the first thing to consider is you need to make a sketch so thinking about what market you go to you know what’s your display area and saying okay I have three tables and that they’re gonna go here and here’s my tech and assertive laying it out what but your stan is gonna look like physically on a piece of paper and then it important to figure out to make a list at the items that you’re going to be selling right so when we talked about this damn dimensions and higher setting up everything you know what are you selling you have different ask things that you’re gonna sell it sayin made in June and what you’re gonna sell and September and then you have to figure out what are you going to need in terms of a containers or how are you going to be displaying your produce so are you if you’re going to be using baskets and boxes or whatever you’re going to be using you need to figure that out so you can see here from this picture this is a pretty simplistic way you know it attractive for they just took these rather inexpensive bushel basket turned them on their sides it has this component I’ve abundance right if statically pleasing in terms of the colors I’m they have steiner johnny chung one that says exactly what it is and the price so here’s a pretty easy idea for how you can an delay this out so in it would be important to figure out ahead time you know what are you going and then I you know what kind of display materials are you going to be using so I can when I was checking up interest in looking at Farmers Market displaced me this is in a company that sells East baskets but you know in a DIY thing you know it’s not a lot of work to maybe make something like so you know how many tables do you have out what type and banners signs in covering in figuring out what what do you have and making the list followed those things and again as I say this isn’t rocket science it’s just taking use through started this I’m that price so this is another thing to in terms of equipment and that you’ll need to have and so are you going to have obviously you’re gonna need s cashbox many grower have scales so you need to have a scale but up are you providing plastic bags for people paperbacks are you going to need need at and then just you’re gonna need to have a small box for just things E you know you have emergency repairs ur tapes or scissors or anything like that that you’re gonna need to bring to the market and one other things is important to you is that when you’re looking at all the equipment that you have been to make sure that it’s clean now if the tables need to be repeated you know washing and cleaning so that again if you’re going to look at having an effective display those things need to be considered so that sir you know before you get to the market and unpacked a box to make sure that things clean and in good repair and then and one other things to do is maybe to set up this map displays so you know at home before you leave you know put everything out there and and see how this looks aunt maybe ask you know take some photographs and ask people about it in the question that you should always be asking yourself is you know what I’d be inclined to on stop by the FDA and or is this something that’s appealing to me so because of my working with the farmers market pricing study I think my whole way of looking at farm markets they insist changed because you know I would go to the market before and and had some you know I guess in the back of my mind I would think about these things but now I go and I me with the critical I and I look and see okay maybe that person she do this are they should keep that sell I would suggest this is this here is that opening day is the best not the best time to figure it out set up ahead a time before you go to market and this is something to that i think is really a up interest to a lotta consumers we talked about this and Justin local food so make some I’m recipes or have something that you can I’m give to people i think thats our and also you know your marketing your business right still if you have use social media you have a Facebook page you are you have a website you have all of those things you know make sure you have a way for people to engage you’re looking at developing your customer base how do you get people’s contact information d have a sign up sheet there were you ask people for their email address so things like that where you can then up engage your customers and then throughout the weekend so many farmers market will do send out a Facebook posting you know hey here’s what we have this week at the market make sure you come in CS Twitter for those people are using that that’s become really on common thing for people her not common but something that many growers are using where they can engage with people that morning and the farmers market while you know people are getting up thinking oh what am I gonna do on Saturday now they send them that and then they can come down to the market here’s these information sheets am to me I think at some of the farmers that I up that go to that her I’m a customer of you know they do this and it’s really nice where especially if it’s a product that people aren’t familiar with it works for a lot of consumers it and obviously it’s going to you know the whole column follow this conversation is increase sales so if people don’t know you know what that is actually they’re not gonna buy it so if you can offer them like this is sort of an attractive sign it makes you look at it and then you can see the very bottom of it but it talks about what it is and how you can use city looking so I don’t know how many of you and the call our have a farmers market preventing at the farmers market or if you have any employees whenever things and I’m sure you would realize this is that you know if you’re there pending you know you’re the it’s your farm near there and really engaged with what happens there if you have employees better there representing you you need to really make sure that they understand you know what your farm is all about because consumers as we’ve talked about are interested in local food they have concerns and questions about it so someone asked where was this grown how lists ground you know your place should be able to answer this question and again you know make sense you people need to have pleasant experience they’re they’re going to come back if they feel unwelcomed into you know that your you and your staff are really customer-oriented so on this briefly we’ve talked about the local food landscape NY him this is important issue the importance a farmers market and how that interfaces with this local food landscape and then very briefly how did create displays that really sell and obviously you’re all is to at the SUP in a way that you can improve improve increase your profitability so am the at the ended the day I’m thing that you’re wanting to get to you is that the longer you can keep someone at a display the more inclined they’re gonna be to spend money rights at the locker that they’re standing there and so that’s why in my opinion it’s so important to spend some real critical time designing your display I’d like to spend I’ll you more minutes talking about some resource store as I mentioned before there’s an organization and our state called loni Farmers Market Association and as you can see here call the association is to provide education and support to farm market organizers farmers Anders and other community food and nutrition organizations an interesting that the Association does is it provides partnerships research shari in training and best management practices operating procedures and state regulations through workshops webinars in various social marketing then use the up the 1i Farmers Market Association mike is on the call myself a lorry georgian extension colleagues participated with other folks to develop the farmers market Association training manual you can go to this URL here and and check out the manual when he thinks it’s really exciting we just completed past week is April making a print copy so taking that from a web-based format into a print copy so those are gonna be available soon Honda and when I Farmers Market Association website but I would encourage you if you are anyone can become a member so people who just are interested in shopping at farmers markets but is it says here the primary audiences for market vendors and then for market managers and then those people that work with them so I would he crazy check out the Farmer’s Market Association another organization this is a national organization called the farmers market coalition in the the URL is here and one of the things that this organization does is the strengths and farmers markets for the benefits to farmers consumers and community so the Illinois farmers market Association is that member at the farmers market coalition and then individuals can also become a member coming up in March on March 21st in Chicago in on march twenty-fifth in Springfield the Farmer’s Market Association is holding statewide meetings so at those two locations and we’re belief or chin it to have Darwin that cool be coming to be a presenter at both those workshops she’s in works with the farmers market coalition and has many years of experience working with farmers markets but I would suggest you if you have any questions about that farmers market coalition has webinar that are recorded and their arkansan really create resources for both people who’ve ended the farmers market and then for for market managers great resource small farm central I don’t know of anyone on the webinar today is familiar with this organization I’m currently taking their web marketing for farmers markets discourse it’s a free six-week course it’s really great are met said refit it’s a couple hours but its if to love great information it’s a professional and website design service for football’s people who are doing direct marketing to farmers and then they have this really fun thing where arm it’s free you can sign up for this far marketing minute where they send this week we a brief email to you about I am issues that are of interest to people that are farmers market and then I spent some time i’m looking at some resources that I thought might be of interest people at the first is market farming success the businesssave growing and selling local food it’s a really good resource the Sayre publication is free marketing strategies for farmers and ranchers the new farmers market for farm fresh ideas for primary producers managers in communities sell what you sell and then the cell selling farm products at Farmers Market this from the University of Kentucky in this is also free document these other books sell what you sell and the new farmers market and marketing farming successor books that you with would need to purchase these other two marketing strategies and selling farm products are both free hockey DS so at this time I think if there’s any questions I would just encourage people arm SP a more critical observer and then if you’re a farmer that spending at the farmers market and as I said a lot at this stuff many views probably already I love her obviously you’re are already doing but just maybe try something new and to see if if you have any opportunity now for Inc increasing your sales by you know maybe tweaking something but I would say that over half for the vendor’s at the market I want you arm it just seems that the put the protest just laying all over the table n still I don’t know if that many people disinclined to buy it but it is certainly I’m wasn’t very invitee so on that’s something that I I would say as a vendor Ariza akens its consumer I you nice ice I can’t tell the difference a stance we’re a team that people you gave it some attention to how the display left I’m teacup farmers asking can I go a bit over that here we can see I’m thats perspective like this kid to a version but I’m so maybe you can she asked you know it like you have any specific questions about the dimensionality a like what they think is behind doing that that you could type it in there and we could answer that so really it’s just its it’s asking you to think about have somebody walks upturn like that picture those Apple’s be saw somewhere on flat place somewhere they and different sizes as containers call you know so it had this look to it and I think it just obviously a smaller spacey have let’s see it 6 like a bluray for cable or whatever if you provide your vegetables at different height in in-depth you’re gonna be able to get more produce on that table right than you would if you would just lay those things out on a table so as it says here in the last bullet it allows you did I’m I don’t I think it’s just a case is the products better at least for my ascetic I I like it when farmers have that at at their so I guess it’s all a personal preference if you know how people like that I’m our entry back at the booth height just display our customer access it’s mostly from our customer access thing at least what we’re talking about today and then we talked about bike in terms of people’s region how they can do it and then so if you’re in a farmer’s market where you’re just one table in your standing behind it it’s a different thing than if you have this let’s say you shaped thing several tables where people are able to come in and walk through the display but even in those your because you want to max myspace this dimensionality are having you know some more height Inc like I crates piled on top of one another or something like that obviously would allow you to have more produce in that in that space I’m n Bob asked this question about samples to bob is it about the whole thing with the legislation that farmers are going to be able to have statewide sampling component just samples question marks I wasn’t sure maybe they were you going to explain what the rules regulations are now and in Werchter I’d say another user are pushing towards her for more more complete rules okay so currently and this is my understanding Anthony went on the call from a public health department when you want to provides samples are people who have personal experience which I’m in you you have to go through wherever that county you are and then there’s provision for you too to kit am up certificate or paperwork that would allow you to provide samples and you have to have the appropriate wash station and things like that right to be able to do that well looking yet you perceive attacked her Kentucky and other states a developed provision where people could go through training which would include I love the things that you needed to do what prime obviously primarily for food safety so you would go to that you several hour claps and then when years done with the class you would get a certificate but what interesting about what Illinois did in the legislation is that the Illinois Department of Public Health agreed to have reciprocity so that a farmer because many of you have and many counties in many markets right can’t get really cost prohibitive if you had to keep buying that for every market that you went you on a weekly basis or whatever right you you wouldn’t want to do that so you would pay this one chick pea I think it’s gonna be up to three years and I might be misspeak policy fifty dollars and then it will allow you then to do sampling at any market in the state and you actually have show that certificate to their public health official that was there and then you woulda have to be in compliance with the regulations for the sampling protocol you needed to do in terms of depending on what your sampling but ago love it is still provide up from US the farmer you want to give samples as I said study session on its almost eighty-five to 90 percent increase in people’s sales if they can’t pay something right but you have to make sure that you are protecting food safety see you can’t have something where people are reaching in touch other things like that so I there’s all the details are gonna be forthcoming and and their through the Farmer’s Market Association and Mike mentioned Aleister ship Alliance work Tom to you know have that legislation passed I think it’s gonna be a good thing for ending at farmers markets so any other I’m questioned 0 it says in champion how one of the members has not it’s not had success with the sea so can you maybe type in why I’ll that’s interesting so people can see that they say people seem to appear intimidated by it and don’t like to enter the area it’s interesting number would you like us to getting access to be up to hear their audio to talk rather than type our sure their ticket thanks Mike yet they see in their not they tend to walk by and that’s the west towards the back champagne your immunity in one car think for all here you’ve done am home for market experience I mean for a Harvard other but there in four hours that is the David I’ve been there here’s why why does he want you have they don’t lactate error underage yet not that one space to space is now on could your drive to you hell wire but your problem I have just one place is numbers for I get back to pay I have prevented other mill get up to the produce they want to see and/or touch my know what happened yeah but I was thinking about you shape in your name ed yet your thanks for your comment really appreciate that is that you think about I you know a table 2 your laughter table to your right and let’s say like three tables to the back in so want so when people come in and then what’s in the middle would be I’m a table where you would then have your cash register and in backing and things like that but I am yeah I agree I I mean that’s something that’s interesting if there had been your experience for people were disinclined to do that so you said you only had one table in in inside the tent like better how many tables did you have in your aerial II head injury 3 okay me so I am one back a it all hits a well quiet were play national like a team okay something in so like they would I’m now ready two spaces having the all three day after the privacy to improve lives but I have not attempted with the double spacing you shave year or be more but areas where Hester problem signed a horse in the backing into scale red I’ll Akbar on the back smaller table about but yeah I just a little to chair here here this or have a like prior you know hired to with alarm wider area with two spaces soldier or ru covers I you then there’s see but it was painted really to be a problem people grocery love it water wall 30 up here I don’t know why no thank you thats for sharing has anyone else had that a similar experience to add that the %uh they tried that and I just didn’t think it worked with customers think that’s the thing about this when you you know talk about these the wide range of things to think about I’m you know for me i guess i to ask the question to any you know at or anyone else that’s willing to share is that do you in terms of I’ll presenting your product you do this dimensional thing where you have different yelping stacked on each other arse sizes are you just laying everything flat on the table there my experiences I I use a wipe your Mary and she has a great raged single the whole picture so you’re our profit but why I’m all those though product to invade Wall in the those courses twice where a I use a board in the back profit sold is not three-dimensional so that you’re showing but it is painful poor the number a lover in so it yet had a big way a is action black on the table they are in the trace trade you know covered paying been arranged now three-inches’ race in the back so i guess its think Justin you know consider where com you know when you’re your vending in in we have you don’t have much chance to leave here where you are but you notice walk around and look and see how other people do it and then excuse you could even you know if you have friends or family that are willing to comment on you know their shopping experience there too right so like what you said that if it became a thing where people were intimidated to go in the flow was it right Tino all if they attend wasn’t gonna work for you right so I did you know I’m I’m not sure if you know and please I was reading a farmer’s I talk to you the main farmer i buy from it the Farmers Market in Springfield he’s in a you and I’m I I like that to go in there cuz i feel like im in that little store net weird so cycle you know so I guess it just depends on different people where I I like cuz I can go to all the vendors that are out there but when I go by him I feel like I’m going into the special place so yeah I guess everybody has their different idea of how that works so what works for me as a customer someone else might think that not but they like so or any other comments that you know people have but I would encourage you to am if you are farmers market for market manager or vendor to our check out the Farmers Market Association because you know we have these workshops our conference is coming up in workshops and then also with extension they’ll be opportunities for for different programming that would be of interest and then there’s other in our non-profit organizations across the state often do you know training that would be interested status you know I’m check out those things the summer and up you know next season our winter season so anything else maker run when do you wanna share anything from arced the farmers markets thirty-year anything they were doing you can talk can run when talk Mike yeah about our farmers market pricing project a I guess I would have a question is anybody on the call I’ll did anybody participate in that project last year beep tere bin market was one icy comets shipping what what the caller their project was is I’m we did 11 market across the state so they were urban overall north south east and west and our goal was to obviously find out the prices at the markets every weekend so working with the University of Kentucky in the University of Tennessee there there was a UK had developed this whole program for how he would collect that data and so every week each at the people that were collecting from 11 markets that would be sent in we had a graduate student at work with us and those were that information was put together in one sheet so that US at market manager or as a armbar who is spending could go to that website and look and see you know the Rangers prop up prices for produce being sold at farmers market that week and so it was an interesting bronwyn I are working on I’m are reporting at next year I’m more efficiencies in the data that and it’s how it’s presented so it would be more useful to you as a farmer and the pricing side things and I just have to keep his link into the chat box but must go on and check out what’s on the press reports from sure like I could see where if you are looking at key going to the different 2.2 look at different sites throughout the city or compare to you I think touch to see sites also can be from strange United the size of your market and how how your price on different different answer comparing from as the season progresses compared against friends locations state some just an idea where you stand price range whites ans honest market cell just just Capello crawl you soldats de in in neighboring states yes to check if you get a chance I’m to check it out cassette you know pricing is whole whole nother webinar we could talk about I’m now pricing at farmers markets began you on my email Sep there so if I said something that you’re like well I that hasn’t been my experience to whatever you know please feel free to email me because on night i’d we’re all learning together from each other and I am if I can provide you with any other information that you might be interested in up a please let me know to make at that’s all I have if I think we can adjourn well thanks everyone for participating this afternoon thanks dever for the presentation this as always is an excellent presentation very thorough I think we we are going to quite a dealer backhander effectively display for the farmers market in is other ones mentioned known for the farmers market membrane performs tonight as well so thank you you never you on the day